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Lovely afternoon at the beach

Afternoon at the beach. And, no, this is not the gay beach. How can you can tell? Easy: by the absence of wannabes, selfie-sticks, and single fat chicks. Oh yes I did!

No tan lines on either of us
...but who's complaining!


They STILL think President Obama is a Muslim?!!

Don't make me laugh. Then again, go ahead, it adds to longevity -- and made for a great candid shot by the pool. Ha!

Smell what Troy is cooking?

That's right: cakes! 
Gander at these high caloric, protein-rich, cornfed dunka-dunks in my kitchen. Mm-mm mouthwatering....  

I hate for one to eat & run...
but it's time you bust a move


'Best Gay Scene', 'Best Gay Actor' nominations

Well w'dya know! Got the news this morning about the Salon Erotico nomination for my video Hard Sportx (MachoFactory) shot on location at Hard in Barcelona. The video is also doing pretty well on AEBN. So pay for your porn and check it out!

Follow this link to cast your vote for actors, videos & studios (remember to confirm it via the follow-up code sent to your email address). 
Salon Erotico Barcelona 2016 takes place October 9th.